The Slaves' Rest Tavern

The Slaves’ Rest is a tavern run by Flynnad Rageleaf, located in the Commoner’s Quarter. Flynn finds jobs for adventurers, so it is popular spot for adventurers to socialize, relax, and spend their hard-earned money.

Before the abolition of slavery, it was the only establishment in Vorashin that allowed only slaves. Relying on donations and his own wealth earned as an adventurer, Flynn provided the patrons with free food, drink, and lodging when they needed it, or if they just wanted things their masters wouldn’t allow them. He also provided a safe place for slaves to hide, should they choose to escape. The slave owners of Vorashin didn’t approve of Flynn’s business, of course, but as a city built upon the wealth of business, the merchant barons couldn’t legally oppose him.

Frequent Patrons

Fasheness, the half-elf monk. She has an aggressive and hot-blooded nature.

Randor, the half-orc ranger. He loves animals and is easily moved to tears.

Belzir, the green dragonborn wizard. He acts mean to keep from being nice.

Percial, the human fighter. A cowardly man who tries his best to be brave.

Maggie, the goliath rogue. Her stupidity and clumsiness is an act.

The Slaves' Rest Tavern

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