Yevelda Angelvoice

The party's mysterious bardian angel


Yevelda is 20 years old, has a height of 5’5", a weight of 150 lbs, gray-green skin, gray eyes, and black hair. Her features are mostly elegant, but her jaw is strong and bears the tell-tale tusks denoting orcish heritage.

Even though she is a half-orc, Yevelda has a petite build fit for dancing and fencing, not brawling and smashing. Her upper-class upbringing has made her delicate for a half-orc, and her true talents lie in more intellectual pursuits, such as music and the arcane. Many have said she is wise beyond her years, unlike many upper class youngsters, and possesses surprising social grace, unlike the half-orc stereotype.

Yevelda is trained in the art of fencing, so she uses a rapier when more subtle methods fail to get her out of trouble. She is also able to use her voice to cast spells that can protect, invigorate, and inspire her comrades.


The Party’s Call to Adventure

Do you desire adventure?
Wealth and fame?
Do you care for your the lives of others or to remove danger and uncertainty from our world?
If your resolve for these things is strong enough, come to the Slaves’ Rest.

Yevelda recruits the members of the party in hopes of getting to the bottom of the disappearances in the catacombs, which impacts the poor of Vorashin. She does not care why an adventurer would help her, only that they help her cause. However, before the party can hope to fight the evil presence under the city, they must first gather information and resources.

Who is she?

To the party, Yevelda remains mostly a mystery.

She appears to be fairly young and mysteriously well off financially, despite not seeming to have a real job, known family, or a consistent residence.

She has quite a philanthropic streak, as she is championing her cause by earning money however she can.

She seems to know some surprisingly important people, such as the captain of the guard and the viscount’s son. Flynn and his adopted daughter also seem to be fairly close to her.

Yevelda Angelvoice

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