Jzaq Tzuriubeh

Orphaned Demon gone awry.


Str- 8(-1)
Dex- 17(3)
Con- 15(2)
Int- 19(4)
Wis- 14(2)
Cha- 17(3)

AC- Light

HP- 41


Proficient in: Daggers, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaffs, Light Crossbows, Thieve’s Tools, Dragon Chess

Languages and abilities: Able to speak and write in abyssal. Fluent in Common Tongue, Elvish, Infernal, and Draconic languages. Is able to call on a network of criminal and/or underworld agents for assistance.


An abomination of a child, the product of an abyssal demon’s lustful ravishings and, the care of a poor human mother living on the top levels of the Vorashin catacombs. Jzaq was never a happy child. He spent the better part of his first five years watching his mother die. She was subject to a condition called Sanguinis(or blood feud in the Common tongue)This caused her body to fight the demonic cells Present from Jzaq’s birth till her body became too weak to support itself. She eventually passed on, leaving Jzaq with no one. Shunned and alone due to his demonic heritage, Jzaq quickly became accustomed to remaining unnoticed, both for avoiding attention, and “acquiring” his next meal. He had learned by living day by day to value that which he had, and also to value that which others possessed. Thus began a time of crime in Jzaq’s life. He spent many of his days sneaking into the houses of wealthy merchants and “ridding” them of their valuables. By the time he was 15; Jzaq had acquired enough money to buy his way onto a trading ship called the " Wind Song". Due to his eye for value and goods;the captain, Raymond Varinger, took a liking to Jzaq and hired him as a sailor. Jzaq worked on the “wind song” for 7 years before finally making his way back to Vorashin. In his journeys he had acquired many different contacts, and items of interest. If only a few of them be that of a reputable origin. One particular item changed Jzaq’s life forever. That item, was a spell book with a series of incantations on it. One such incantation that proved very useful was a Detect Magic spell. This allowed Jzaq, who already had a taste for the expensive; to expand his search from that of the mundane to anything of magical nature. He used these items, he attained and sold them for a very generous amount of gold. Soon his, contacts learned of his exploits and began asking for appraisals on their “magic” merchandise.Because of Jzaq’s eye for value and abilities to detect magic(a rare skill in that of Vorashin) he began to buy and sell items that were brought to him. Whether or not he treated his patrons well, is still up for investigation. It is safe to say; however, Jzaq made a very lucrative profit off of the many inhabitants of the Undercity. Due to the latest Mineral rush in Vorashin, Jzaq was recently able to acquire an extremely large shipment of quicksilver from an ignorant merchant. An old acquaintance by the name of Raymond caught wind of Jzaq’s success and the two came to an agreement. Raymond and his ship would control the shipping of the quicksilver, while Jzaq will focus on negotiations and trade. As this partnership thrived, Jzaq became restless. While he was living comfortably on the exploits of his contacts, he was driven to learn more of his ancestry, and the abilities that came with it. Thus began the new life of a Vorashin fence with a taste for the articulate and arcane.

Jzaq Tzuriubeh

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