Aarakocra Ranger Hobo


Squawk was born in the streets of Vorashin. His mother was taken by slavers, but as they were crossing through the city the mother slipped the egg through the slits in her cage, preferring her child to live as an urchin than as a slave. He was raised for the first 2-3 years of his life by the city pigeons, whom he now considers family. As he got larger the small morsels the pigeons offered just wouldn’t suffice, and he was forced to result to thievery in more than one circumstance. He became sort of a local sideshow attraction, and most of the city has at least caught a glimpse of the strange bird-man.

His fortune turned around at the age of 5 when he (Unknowingly and completely by accident) thwarted a kidnapping. The kidnapper was running through the city alleyways with a small girl under his arm, and as he turned a corner he happened to run headlong into Squawk. The criminal fell to the ground, dropped the child, and quickly ran off fearing the pursuing guards. The guards thanked him for his accidental heroism, and the girls father (an elderly scholar by the name of Jebediah) made Squawk welcome at his residence.

Squawk still spent most of his time on the streets with his pigeons, but made regular trips to Jebediahs house to peruse the scholars vast library. Jebediah taught him to read, and from there Squawk spent a great deal of time educating himself about the outside world, particularly about Aarakroca culture. At the age of 9 he grabbed some supplies and a bow, and journeyed around the country trying to contact a tribe and rejoin his people.

The Aarakroca viewed him as an outsider due to his urban upbringing and turned him away, saying that he could only rejoin the tribe when he brought honor to his people. And so he traveled back to Vorashin looking for some token of heroism to rejoin the tribe and be given a proper Aarakroca name.

Upon returning home after his 3 year Absence he learned that his mentor Jebediah had passed away. Around this time Squawk found a young pigeon with a damaged wing who could not care for himself, and he decided to take the young pigeon with him to care for it. He named the pigeon Jebediah, in honor of his late mentor.


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