Noelle Palebraid

An angelic tavern girl


With only a casual glance, Noelle appears to be a normal human woman, but she is actually an aasimar, a humanoid with celestial heritage. She is 27 years old, has a height of 5’5", a weight of 123 lbs, pale blue skin, long silver hair, and gray eyes. She has a slight, wispy build that contains surprising strength, and an other-worldly wisdom that can unlock your deepest secrets.


Noelle is Flynnad Rageleaf’s adopted daughter, and she is the sole employee of his tavern, The Slaves’ Rest. Flynn has told her many times that she could easily become a person that brings great change to the world instead of just a simple tavern girl, but she insists that she’s happy where she is. Noelle enjoys socializing with the interesting patrons of her adopted father’s business, just as they enjoy the music of her voice and the sharpness of her wit.

Noelle Palebraid

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