Nemmonis Jheri

Dragonborn Paladin



A silver dragonborn woman who stands at an intimdating 6’8’’. With a strength to match her height (Str 20), she serves as a fearsome sight indeed, however once a conversation is struck up, people often find themselves relaxed by her demeanor (Cha 20). Her past has helped toughen her up (Con 17), and she eventually learned how to get out of harm’s way (Dex 14). She is, clearly, much more of a fighter than a negotiator, however, so while she’s not stupid (Int 12), she often does not apply her knowledge to the best of her abilities (Wis 8).


Early Years

Jheri was a dragonborn with a relatively mild upbringing. The second youngest of six, she lived with her parents in the town of [x], a town made almost exclusively of Dragonborn who hail from the [x] clan. She was never too attached to her family, and didn’t see much of a point in hanging around with them, finding more enjoyment in wandering around the town trying to help.

She did not help much.

Jheri, unfortunately, can easily be described by those who know her as “ditzy”. She would try to help her clan-members out, but would cause trouble unintentionally. As such, the elders of her clan instructed her to work in the stables for most of her time. It was intended to be a “soft” punishment, however Jheri did not see it as a punishment at all. She found a love for the horses, and would talk to them extensively, befriending them and telling them all about her days. As she grew, her love for the horses grew, as well, and she began to worry about when she would have to leave them. Discussing this with her friend Braxton (whom she lovingly referred to only as Bart), he suggested that she go into a field that had to do with the same kind of beasts. She knew she wanted to do something that the elders would approve of, and Bart offered her the idea of joining the Cavalry, an idea that she full heartedly accepted.

Leaving the Nest
At the age of 16, Jheri left [x] and joined the cavalry of the country (z). This step forward in her life felt incredibly natural to her; she felt at ease with the horses back at home and she felt that her being part of the military was something to bring good name to her clan, so there was no hesitation. She did not feel any reserves about fighting; any new experiences Jheri tries to approach with neutrality and an open mind; she was told to do a job and she did it. While in the military, she reached the rank of second lieutenant before her term was up. She left the Cavalry after four years, and with some surprisingly smooth talking, brought her draft horse Marv with her, whom she had obtained two years prior.

She had always been told to do things for her clan, to do things for the good of her clan and because it would bring honor to the clan. Her time in the military allowed her to become disillusioned with the idea of serving nothing but her clan, and rather than going home, she decided to wander. Leaving the cavalry, Jheri and Marv mostly drifted from place to place, Jheri allowing herself to be a sells-word to make a living. She was always able to find room and board for the most part, whether through doing favors for the townspeople or through her ability to buddy up to people. Despite not having a consistent place of residency since leaving her original home, she doesn’t consider herself as nomadic as other people would; she has her health, she has her God, and she has Marv. What more could she want?

Her drifting eventually brought her to the city of Vorashin, where she wandered into a tavern called [shitty tavern ask sarah]. Here she pulled one of her usual attempts at gaining free food and drink –regaling the drunken men with tales of her travels. A short, dark skinned woman interrupted her, but before she could get angry at what she assumed would ruin her task, the woman turned to her and greeted her like an old friend, asking her what new things she’d been doing. This woman, quickly glancing at the gathered crowd of humans and dwarfs, spoke in draconic to Jheri and told her to follow her lead. Jheri immediately felt she had found a friend and ran with this woman’s idea – making up tall tales that she had heard long ago in her clan, and exaggerating more now that she had a second person to back her up. They both got free drinks from the drunken crew and the dark-skinned beauty introduced herself as Lillianth Nisheim. Jheri felt that this woman could turn into a true friend, and, not having had a true friend since Bart, did not want to question this feeling.

Nemmonis Jheri

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