Lillianth Nisheim

A scholarly woman with a piercing gaze


A dark-skinned woman with black hair, Lillianth is a simple, scholarly woman from a desert town. With dark eyes and a soft smile, she has a way with people (Char 20). She has almost always worked with books, which required little physical labor (Str 8) and was easy on her health (Con 14), but because of this she’s amassed a good bit of knowledge (Int 15). Her travels from her home town to Vorashin have shown her various troubles (Wis 16), and she’s [more than once] had to get out of a sticky situation quickly (Dex 16).

Standing at only 5’6’’, Lillianth is average height for a human woman, though she uses her small frame and nice features to her advantage. Her thirst for knowledge has given her the ability to disguise herself into looking like she does- or well, like she used to look. Her never-ending want of knowledge has changed her true appearance quite a lot… …

Standing at 5’6’’, Lillianth is truly a darkskinned woman with thick, scaled hair that whips around and hisses – she is a Medusa. Yellow, slitted eyes offer her an aesthetically fierce gaze, however what she can do with that gaze is much more terrifying. Her canines are more reminiscent of snake fangs and her lilting voice is all that remains of her previously gorgeous appearance. She does not regret this transformation, and uses it to her advantage, as she was not cursed like other Medusas, but it was a gift from her patron Dendar the Night Serpent.


Lillianth was born to a family that had nothing particularly different about them. Her mother, father, and sister were all average humans, as was she. Her town was mostly human laborers, with one elf and their half-elf child who lived on the outskirts of town. The desert was harsh to many but their town had learned to prosper. Lillianth took to helping tend the library at a young age to help earn a few spare coins for her family, and she learned to love the old tomes that she would find. She grew up within the stone walls of that tower, pouring over the literature and reading anything that she could.

Too much of a good thing can turn sour, however. Lillianth began to yearn for more knowledge than was available.She would beg the merchants to find her more scrolls, more books, more something. One such merchant heard her wants and told her of a traveler he had heard tales of. This traveler had settled into the city of Vorashin and would give fortunes in exchange for favors. The merchant suggested that Lillianth may be able to ask about where she could find greater knowledge.

Lillianth was hesitant at first, as she had never left her town before, however her thirst for knowledge was strong, and she eventually said goodbye to her family, packed her things, and headed with a caravan to Vorashin. She made it to the city and stayed in a cheap inn near the outer ring. She finally found the fortune-teller and pleaded to know where she could sate her thirst for knowledge. The fortune teller, as was his consistent price, said they needed a favor of her. He told her that a person had taken one of his tomes and he believed they had fled into the catacombs. If lillianth could retrieve this tome and “right the wrong” however she saw fit, she could keep the book and would get her fortune. She eagerly agreed, and departed deep under the city.

What Lillianth was unaware of, however, was that this fortune teller was an oracle of Dendar the Night Serpent, and Dendar had spoken to him about Lillianth’s coming. So Lillianth raveled deep into the catacombs with her crossbow at her side. She struggled with keeping hidden amongst the ruffians in the tunnels as a simple human did not possess the ability to see in the dark. Her thirst for knowledge was strong, however, and she offered a homeless moon elf a few gold coins in exchange for guidance. They eventually made it closer to the center where she found a man who seemed to have hair hat was lightly aflame. He had the tome that the old man had described. She sent the elf away with a few coins before approaching the man.

Lillianth Nisheim

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