Flynnad Rageleaf

Former Adventurer, Current Tavern Owner


Flynnad is 205 years old, has a height of 3’3", a weight of 80 lbs, tanned skin, thick brown hair and sideburns (which he is very proud of), and green eyes. He is heavily muscled, keeping himself in shape even though he has retired from adventuring. His right leg below the knee has been replaced with a peg leg, which is the injury that caused his retirement.


Flynnad is an unusual halfling. He was once a famous adventurer, which is not unusual for halflings, but what he was famous for was his incredible strength, despite his size. He earned the nickname “Kneecapper” for his preferred method of dealing with troublemakers.

After the loss of his leg to a bulette, Flynnad was forced to retire. He wasn’t from Vorashin, but his home was too far to return to in his crippled condition, so he made the city his permanent home. Fortunately, Flynn had a fairly impressive fortune built up from adventuring, so he was able to open a business, which guaranteed him a comfortable place in Vorashin society. He soon found he wasn’t satisfied with just caring for himself, however. Flynn decided to open a tavern that only slaves were allowed to stay in, so they could have somewhere to go to remind them that they were a person, not an object.

One day, a slave that frequented the tavern came to Flynn with an unusual looking child. She said that she didn’t want this child to grow up as a slave, and that Flynn was the only person she trusted. She wanted to leave this child she named Noelle with Flynn to raise to be a free woman. He agreed, and never saw the slave woman again. Due to his life of adventure, Flynn could tell that the unusual child was an aasimar, a humanoid with celestial heritage. He raised Noelle as his own daughter, and he cares for her as such.

Flynnad Rageleaf

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