Ea Amnesty

A Burning Bitch


Ea was born a tefling orphan in a city of high elves. No money or class in a city where she was often called “Hell Girl,” she grew up on the streets and quickly learned she could depend on nothing save her bare fists. She knew if she stayed here, she would die. So picked herself up by her hands, her most prized and only possessions, and began to search for a place that may welcome her and that she may call home.

She traveled till she all but forgot the hellish, yet beautiful, city of high elves. But her bag of supplies was quickly eating itself. She traveled for days with out food, until she accepted her fate, and collapsed. Her last sight of this cruel world would be a microscopic city in the distance.

To her surprise, she woke up. A week had passed and she was in a small shack that belonged to an old high elf rogue on the outskirts of Akdell . She could never repay this. Though stealth never suited her, she learned much from the rogue. Ea is stubborn and tenacious, and would never be caught cowardly punching an unsuspecting enemy, but she was but a frail little girl. She learned to strike her enemies, and the disappear into the safety of shadows.

She learned quickly, and was soon employed as one of Lord Orobas’ spies. But she had not only found purpose, but also a friend. Duessa would sneak out of her room at night, and the two demon girls could play in the darkness.

She was home.

Her high elf master had become family. He never spoke the meaningless words of which others seemed so fond. They rarely spoke to each other, but they had little need for words. They had understanding. Maybe not all high elves were bad.

As the brighter than usual sun rose one morning on the giggling Ea and Duessa, they knew they would be skinned if they weren’t found in their beds, and quickly rushed their separate ways. Master would make her till fifty acres if she was late. When she arrived, the door was off of its hinge. Ea hesitated only for a moment, and dashed with uncanny speed to see her master hanging limp in the bulky fist of a Barbarian. A high elf barbarian. Ea’s soul exploded. She ran strait to the stranger, and with strength that surprised ever her, sent him flying through the wall with a single punch. Now he was mad, but not as mad as the sobbing ball of fire. He dropped his weapon. He wouldn’t need it here. Fists flew. Ea unleashed a flurry of blows, then searched for the shadow of this tower of an elf. But it was no where. The god behind the ominous sun must have felt especially cruel on this particular dawn. she was fading and bleeding. He picked her up, and pulled out her eye. But the barbarian became bored. He left her with but an inch of life, and walked away facing the sky, and sharing an evil laugh with the skies above.

She left Akdell without a word.
Too many painful memories.

She Named herself Amnesty, as a reminder of the face she will never forgive, and the cosmic comedy god had made of her. She seeks vengeance, though she has all but accepted its improbability. She will never find another home, nor does she want one. She will never fall for another beautiful lie…

Ea Amnesty

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