Aero Dosoleil

A high elf with a vengeance


Class: Bard
Race: High Elf
Chaotic Good


Hello, peasants. I shouldn’t be talking to you, but I was told I was needed to so here I am. My name is Aero [last name]. Got the name from my grandfather who was the highest of all elves known in the history of history. Any-who, I am the godly product of two of the best high elves and I am an only child. I was born into wealth, my parents always giving me the nicest of gold and luxuries. Never had anything less since. I mean, what would life be like without it? Being an only child is probably one of the best things to ever happen to me, because I don’t have to compete with someone else over getting the most and the best riches. That would have just made life difficult. And I don’t like that. Yes, life may have gotten boring at times, but then I would think, “Just think about all of the other children that don’t get the same things as you do”. That just made my whole day thinking about it. Knowing I was better than all of the other children. I love being the best. It’s the only way to live. Not only does feeling good matter, but LOOKING good is even more important.I only wear the finest of clothing, and nothing less. Looking like a god is my life goal, and I say I’m doing pretty good. Appearance does matter, and if you look anything below like a god, I will judge you. It’s just what I was taught by my parents. To never let anyone make you seem less than you really are. But if you look like a god like me, I’ll consider being your friend. It may sound harsh, but if you think about it, I know what I’m doing. Once you have my loyalty, though, I will protect you with (some) of my life.
Back to my history, I lived in the best of cities, never rural areas. Oh god, don’t get me started on nature. Nature is the devil’s child spawn sent to make my life miserable. I avoid it at all costs. Always have, mostly because my parents taught me that only the lowest of peasants enjoy nature. And that’s not me. The city suits all of my needs. I’m happy there.
Music was a huge aspect of my childhood. It helped me get through difficult times (particularly when I tried to keep from hurting people’s feelings). It was an escape for me. Still is. And soon after I picked up the lute, and I soon fell in love. It became my life, so much so that I carry it with me and I play whenever I ever feel upset or whenever I decide that you peasants need some of my beautiful musical abilities in your life. You’re welcome.
My life soon became dark, however, when my parents left me. By “left me” I mean killed by a group of vicious orcs. They despised us. I managed to escape, however, but with a vengeance towards ALL orcs. I told myself if I ever came across an orc, I would show no mercy. But I see none of you are orcs, so I guess you will be fine. I left my home and never turned back, hoping that one day I would live up to my parents’ expectations of becoming the best high elf there is. And that’s what I’m going to do. I traveled many lands and soon came across this land of Vorashin. It being a city, I fell in love immediately. Aiming to be the best there is, I was determined to become something great here. And eventually, with some events in between, I became Viscount’s secret spy. This made sure that had the trust form the highest of figures and so I could make a title for myself. I would protect his land, while I got provided the best of things. And so this way, I could have fun with ridding of the orc population here. They won’t know what’s coming to them.
I’m here to start a new life and become the best high elf here, and maybe make some friends in the process.

Aero Dosoleil

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